Smart Thermoregulating Box Units

Thermoregulating units designed to achieve the fine temperature regulation on a network, with remote control from a PLC or a dedicated  system in real time.

Made to increase flexibility and control of industrial processes owner, on every thermal process regulation inside a workshop network.

TREG STB is the new evolution step of TREG TEMPCO thermoregulating units.

The range of thermo regulating units comprise capacity from 3Kw up to 150Kw:

  • Water up to 90°C
  • Pressured water up to 140°C
  • Diathermic oil up to 200°C
  • Diathermic oil up to 250°C
  • high temperature diathermic – until 350°C

There are also special executions such as:

  • Explosion proof ATEX
  • Steam heating
  • double recycling pumps