T FIN iDry

Many industrial applications need water cooling.
Many times they use chiller cooling, involving a big amount of electrical power consumption.
T FIN iDry is the cheaper solution to cool down insdustrial processes.
The iDry free-cooler range, achieves to get two targets:

free cooler advantages

  • closed circuit fluids
  • no scaling
  • no chemicals
  • low operating costs

cooling tower advantages

  • forced cooling
  • low energy
  • water temperature lower then ambient
We can get this target, fitting on normal TFIN radiators, an adiabatic system.
On a standard TFIN radiator, you can install a thermal booster, which achieve to spray water particles in suction air.
In this way you can work with wet bulb temperature.
You can fit iDry also like retro-fit on existing plants.
iDry doesn’t scale exchanger, because the water spray doesn’t work on exchanger directly.
Using iDry you can limit your electrical power expenses, cooling down your processes
contact us for further notice or to upgrade your cooling plant.