Heat exchangers

EXCHANGER MAINTENANCE: cleaning, regasketing, test

Nothing can be more dangerous than an unforeseen interruptions. To prevent them the machinery must be controlled. The gaskets get aged and they must be substitute. The plates get dirty and that obstacles the heat transfer, damaging the process.

Sometimes it is better to block the producing process in order to control the machinery avoiding an unexpected interruption.

The exchanger can so continue his right work. If your plates cannot be clean on work, we bringing them to us. We clean them and if it is necessary, we substitute the old ones with the new ones. Our method of plate reconditioning does not damage the atmosphere.

It is important the selection of the exchanger materials and a wrong choice can provoke a lot of problems.

If the gaskets are not compatible with the process fluids, they can get aged and pump it, so both provoke problems If the gasket are not flexible enough, they can deform themselves causing loses to exchanger. If it is not change immediately the entire package must be substitute.

At the contrary if it should be too soft, it cannot resist under pressure of work.

If the thickness of a gasket is too high, there can be problems in tightness.