Tempco projects and develops solutions for thermal energy management in any kind of industrial sector and application field, helping the customer choosing the most suitable thermal machine fitting the needs of any kind of productive process, offering the best solutions for thermoregulation, cooling/heating, heat recovery and energy efficiency thanks to a tough experience in all industry sectors: energy and power generation, chemical-pharma, steel industry, textile, rubber and plastic, food and diary, oil & gas, cogeneration, motor oil cooling for mechanics and tools machines. Tempco solutions employ a complete series of thermal machines:

The Service division of Tempco completes the thermal energy management solutions offered, in order to ensure the most prompt and reliable maintenance service on plants, achieving a long-lasting durability for machinery and engines and highest production efficiency. Tempco Service offers its skills for the engineering of water treatment and conditioning systems, thermal capacity evaluation for the right sizing of the thermal energy management plant, heat transfer surfaces cleaning for heat exchangers, spare parts and substitution of fillings for evaporative towers, gaskets and machinery regeneration, tests and trials, and also the possibility of special and challenging applications engineering, such as ATEX and PED compliant solutions for industrial thermostatation and thermoregulation needs.