Cogeneration is an energy recovering process in industrial plants, that allows to produce heat and electric energy at the same time, to be used in the production cycle. Tempco offers a complete line of machinery to lower energy consumption for POWER GENERATION and COGENERATION plants.

  • Thermal recovery units
  • Heat dissipation systems
  • Biogas treatment units
  • Biodiesel and palm oil preheating

These are radiators and dissipation equipments such as T FIN ENGINE line, units package designed for the preheating of fuel (diesel oil, biodiesel and palm oil) in engines and cogeneration machines, working with several heating fluids (engine oil, anti-freeze engine water, hydraulic oil and steam), and these are T START ENGINE for cogeneration purposes.

Also, Tempco’s solutions include thermoregulation systems able to recover heat generated in endothermic systems to be employed to obtain warm water, vapor and diatermic oil, in the T RECOGEN line, and T RECOGEN BIO, a line of dehumidification equipments for biogas treatment to be used in a cogeneration solution.