Green Box chillers are realized in order to control fluids and water temperature in industrial productive processes.

Tempco’s Industrial refrigerators are designed and engineered to guarantee maximum long-life affordability: we have adopted the most important design criteria resulting in machines which are highly reliable in the long term, very efficient during operation, user friendly and when the need arises, easy to service with easy to check components. Our skills allow to offer complete and customized solutions for every chilling and thermoregulation need in industrial processes.

In order to guarantee the trust of our chiller machinery, an assistance service has been created for the whole cooling units equipments line.

The units are simple to install and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

The range of our chiller units products covers the entire demand relatives cooling or thermo regulating of producing processes. It comprises: air condensed water chillers, water condensed water chillers, indoor and outdoor installations.

All the machineries are EEC directive compliant.

The Green Box chillers range comprises MC, MR, ROTO, UNI, TWIN, MULTI SF, with a cooling capacity from 1 Kw up to 1500 Kw par units.

In Tempco’s chillers line there are different solutions for the range of temperatures from +25°C up to -30°C.

All the chillers can be supplied with free cooling executions in order to save energy, recovering energy and environmentally-friendly operating, lowering energy consumption.

Special executions are also available on our chiller units line:

  • Explosion proof
  • Food and diary application
  • Waterproof

Tempco can study and realize, custom systems complete of chilled water storage and pump station, free cooling, thermoregulation, plc control.