Industrial coolers, Electroradiators

The dry coolers of the TC FC range are heat exchangers with forced air circulation, for outdoor installation, designed for cooling liquids, in a closed circuit, (generally glycol water) compatible with copper, with a maximun inlet temperature of 100°C. The freezing point of the liquid must be at least 5°K below the minimum winter ambient temperature of the site of installation.

Double circuit in one frame, HT + BT circuit

To mention a few: Simple and cheap installation (stell piping); flexible use; reliable and efficient operation both in winter and summer; easy winter control of the liquid outlet temperature; very low maintenance cost; no water consumption, no steam production, no scale accumulation, no water bacteria contamination.

As the performance of a dry cooler varies a lot with each working condition,it is not possibile to present a selection method in this leaflet. We ask our customers to consult us for each individual case, specifying: capacity,maximum day/night noise level, type of liquid,ambient temperature,liquid inlet temperature, liquid outlet temperature (or flow), maximum allowed pressure drop.

The coil cannot be fully drained simply by opening the drain fitting orifices. When necessary, run the piping leak tests using the selected brine. When brine cannot be used, and when the ambient temperature may drop below 0°C, a special coil design is required. Please consult us.

The casing is made in galvanized steel sheet and grey enamelled galvanized steel (RAL 7035). The use of 18/10 stainless steel bolts and nuts gives it high corrosion resistance as well as quality oesthetics. The dry coolers are delivered mounted onto a wooden pallet.

Our machines are fixed. Within a refrigeration system, they can be made to vibrate by motors, compressors, diesel,engines, vehicles, etc…It is the user’s responsibity to make sure that the vibration is never excessive enough to cause breakage (particularly in the case of Shipped systems.


TCFC free cooler can be used in a wide range of different process applications:

  • power generation
  • cogeneration
  • air compressori cooling
  • enginecooling
  • remote dissipator
  • emergency groups electroradiators
  • coolers
  • radiators for engine
  • gen set radiators
  • dry-coolers, free-coolers