Welded heat exchangers

Fully welded heat exchanger meeting the highest standards T Weld

An extremely reliable, fully welded plate heat exchanger that proves its superiority where other heat exchangers reach their limits: At temperatures between minus 200°C and plus 950°C and at extreme operating pressures. The heat transfer surface of a  T WELD consists of many profiled stainless steel plates which are welded together to form a plate pack and are precisely fixed in a shell tube. After fitting the connections, the shell tube is completely welded. Each  T WELD is manufactured individually and optimized according to the customer’s wishes. The material and the position of the shell side connections may be defined as required.

Technical Specification

Maximum Heat Transfer Area

  • 2000 m²/ exchanger

Mechanical Design

  • Full vacuum to 200 bar possible
  • -200 to +900 °C