T IQ free cooling
The skilled free cooling

  • extreme
  • global
  • PLC base controlled

TEMPCO develop a free cooling based on PLC system control, where industrial processes needs energy saving or recovery on cooling procedure. PLC with a sophisticated control software, achieve to maximize the energy saving, improving the efficency of standard free cooling systems.
Friga Bohn, which make free cooler and air heat dissipator, Tempco develop a range of high efficency air fin exchangers, engineered in order to minimize the energy costs, we get:

  • very low noise level
  • high thermal efficency.

T IQ free cooling can be equipped with adiabatic systems, in order to improve thermal capacity, till during hot seasons.

Tempco can supply T IQ free cooling complete of:

  • chilling units
  • water pump station with chilled water storage tank and main control board T FIN CB
  • PLC with touch panel control system and dedicated software
  • adiabatic system for “booster free cooling”

SCF Standard Custom Flexibility.

New EC motor type TFIN dry cooler

Main features:

Electronically commutated (EC) motors are operated with specially matched EC controllers. The perfectly coordinated system enables highly precise speed control with the highest degree of energy effi ciency, free of electromagnetic motor noises.


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