We believe that a proper selection and recruitment of the best skilled staff is a crucial factor in order to have the best committed and specialized labour force. The combined effort of employees and company enables to optimize the existing opportunities.

What is Tempco’s Core business?
Second level energy, as we like to call it, or in other words, all those systems that allow to manage, control, regulate heat, intended both as cold and warm, to the different and various temperature levels required in a production industrial process. We are at the moment able to find a solution starting with customer’s problems and needs, submitting and offering them complete and ready to use solutions, with high technology level, but employing simple thermal machines engineered for the maximum efficiency.

What is Tempco’s company policy mark?
Professionalism, flexibility, promptness: all in one, efficiency. From the offer to the commission management, to the start-up and to the simple consulting service on a project, for complex plants but also for single-component ones. SFC is our self proclaimed target, Standard Custom Flexibility: maximum flexibility in order to offer customized solutions, starting from standard projects, giving maximum efficiency at the most competitive costs.
Tempco develops solutions, not just products.

Working with Tempco? Here’s why
Companies are like persons, having unique characteristics and personalities. Tempco is dynamic, innovative, proactive, forward-looking, determined, ambitious and realistic. These qualities and the extraordinary existing opportunities that we can offer are the reason why people may desire to work with us.

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