Special Applications

The modern process plants need a careful control of the temperature in the different productive phases.

In the last few years, TEMPCO has studied different solutions in the varied applications, in order to solve problems connected with these processes. Our references confirm the excellent results that we have achived.

In order to thermo regulate the temperature in chemical and pharmaceutical reaction plants, a standard is became to apply plate heat exchangers in monofluids systems.

The actual high speed pressure die casting in aluminum foundry, needs more efficient cooling systems, and so we have tried to install chillers and cooling towers together in order to solve this challenge.

Anodizing plants also needs this kind of thermoregulation and chilling solutions.

From many years we supply special design heat exchangers, for technical gas and air compressed applications.
We use chillers and plate heat exchangers to solve pneumatic transport temperature services.

Power and cogeneration plants are interesting subject to install our different kind of products.

From many years TEMPCO designs and installs that kind of solutions on industrial processes.