Cooling Towers

The range cooling towers that we can supply is one of the most varied on the market.

  • The package modular towers are ideal for water flow rate from 8 m3/h up to 700 m3/h.They are realized with different solutions of the varied process demands.
  • Steel carbon with special painting.
  • Hot Zinc-plated steel with resin glass.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Large concrete induced and forced cooling towers.
  • Wet cooling towers.

There are also different kinds of filling:

  • Film in PVC, passo standard o largo
  • PCV Film filling for high temperatures
  • Polypropylene film standard or wide gap
  • Splash no clogging filling

To revamping tower, a division service, has been created. It can operate for repowering and supplying of components.


Calcolo Bulbo Umido


Umidità relativa%

Temperatura Bulbo Umido°C


Si assume 1 atm (1013.25 hPa)