Plate heat exhcanger can be employed on cooling system and utilities exchanges on ship engines.

Off shore application can be cooled with plate heat exchangers.

SHIP motors are directly cooled with sea water, using titanium plate heat exchangers.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Manufactured to the highest standards utilizing the latest production technology.

Our Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers meet the demanding quality requirements of the internationally recognized industry standards organizations.

Exactly as the originals.

Our Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers meet the needs for heating Fuel Oil and Lub Oil to ensure proper processing from the purifier.

Fresh Water Distillers Spare Parts

The fresh Water Distiller works on the well-known vacuum distillation principle. Waste heat from the main engine on board is used as heating medium for evaporation.

The plates type Fresh Water Distiller is based on two plate stacks.

The evaporator chamber is kept under vacuum by a water ejector driven by the seawater from the condenser.

Part of the heated seawater is used as feed water for the evaporator. On entering the evaporating chamber this water evaporates due to the vacuum. A deflector and builtin de-mister removes any water droplets still present.

These fall back into the brine, which is extracted from the sump by an ejector pump. The desalted water vapour is condensed in the plate condenser using cold seawater.