Free Flow heat exchangers

T PLATE FF Plate Heat Exchangers
Your benefit: Long service lifedue to free flow channels.

FREE FLOW plate heat exchangers cover those applications where conventional plate heat exchangers reach their limits. Their special features include the constant-width gap cross-section between the individual plates and through-wave profiling of the plates (the clearance between the plates is up to 12 mm/0,47″).

The FREE FLOW product range offers you the following features:

  • Operation without clogging due to constant-width gaps
  • The alternative to shell-and-tube and spiral heat exchangers due to:
    • low investment and operating costs
    • low space requirement
    • big size plates without metal supports
  • Plates are available in different sizes,gap widths, and materials
  • Gasket materials NBR and EPDM.Special gaskets, e.g. made of FLUOR are available for some types
  • Suitable for products containing fibres and solids (fruit juices contain-ing fibres and pulp, waste water inthe paper and pulp, textile and sugar industries as well as highly viscous products)
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