Silenced cooling towers

Characteristics & Applications

Tempco Series silenced cooling towers are coolers of modular conception ,with special low-noise fans .

They are suitable for cooling installations located in places where a low noise level must be maintained.

With these cooling towers  it is  possible to cool  water flows around 700 m³/h, in a reduced space and with  an aesthetic appearance, due to their low height and modular conception.

As they are made of FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic), maintenance is negligible.

Due to their reduced weight and dimensions they can be installed on roofs and platforms as is usual for air conditioning installations.

General description

Cooling towers in this series consist of:

  • casing and water collection basin
  • water distribution system
  • filling
  • drift eliminator
  • mechanical air blowing equipment

Calcolo Bulbo Umido

Temperatura°CUmidità relativa%

Temperatura Bulbo Umido°C Dew-point°C

Si assume 1 atm (1013.25 hPa)

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