Dimple jacket heat exchangers

T COIL series are immersion coil heat exchangers are very versatile and efficient prime dimple jacket exchangers, which are made with simple and efficient methods: two metal sheets are welded together and, by means of spot welding, they are inflated through high pressure to obtain internal channels that create a series of passages for the fluid’s flowing, achieving heat transfer.

The remarkable mechanical resistance enables the use of material with extremely fine thicknesses. This characteristic enables us to contain costs, thus obtaining optimal heat exchange coefficients, less thermal inertia and ultimately high efficiency. T COIL series heat exchangers can be directly immersed in the fluid to heat or cool, or by means of external applications they can “clamp-on” to tanks, pipes, or machinery.

We produce T COIL heat exchangers in standard sizes, according to the size of the flattened sheet metal, or to the width of commercial coils. Our machine shop can also make plate heat exchangers in customised sizes required for the most diverse applications, covering multiple shapes, sizes and geometries to adapt to specific client requirements and thermoregulated processes.

This particular construction flexibility enables us to extend the application of T COIL heat exchangers to a series of applications in the cooling and heating process sectors.

Typical applications

  • painting plants
  • oxidisation plants
  • food and dairy plants
  • petrochemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • chemical
  • mixers
  • immersion exchangers
  • falling film coolers
  • tank temperature control system
  • fermenter
  • mercury vapour rectifier
  • silos
  • energy recovery
  • free cooling
  • data center cooling
  • cooling levels in autoclaves
  • vacuum sterilisation plants
  • oenology

For “clamp-on” applications where heat exchange is a decisive factor, we supply T TRAC conductive paste, which increases thermal conductivity, efficiency and, consequently, energy saving.

Type of structure
Depending on the fluids that are used and the load losses available to recirculate the fluids, we can make plates with two distinct construction types: T COIL BULGE and T COIL DIMPLE.
T COIL-BULGE is the classic version with welded sheet metal, which is pressure inflated and very versatile; it is suitable for any type of application and is made in both single and double spinning versions.
T COIL-DIMPLE plates are pre-moulded and are used when load losses must be kept at low values, or when tank ferrules are made where the passage of fluid has to be excessive. It is made as a single spinning version.

Construction and application
T COIL immersion heat exchangers may be furnished in single plates, to be assembled by the client, or already placed in accumulators complete with input and output fluid manifolds with relative clamps and lifting systems. Curved and shaped for linings or to be inserted into design tanks. Bank or calender immersion.

All T COIL series heat exchangers are manufactured according to PED.
Upon request, they can be made according to ASME U STAMP, GOST standards.