Evaporation-concentration and condensation units

Evaporation-concentration and condensation
Continuous or discontinuous operation

Evaporation-concentration and condensation units (with forced circulation heater)

Main application areas
Concentration of solutions (also with crystallization), solvent recovery.

The standard units are assembled on supported skid frame and provided with:

  • Forced circulation plates heater wide channel with gaskets.; heated with steam or hot water or oil or other heating medium. Plates AISI 316
  • Recycling pump. AISI 316
  • Vapor-liquid separator. AISI 316 L
  • Plates condenser (brazed or welded); cooled with water or other cooling medium AISI 316
  • Condensate vessel. AISI 316 L
  • Condensate pump AISI 316
  • Piping, valves (control,on-off, safety, manual) and ancillaries AISI 316 L process side

    Transmitters and field instrumentsExecution not less than IP 55 and according to PED requirements, ATEX guidelines, etc, where requested.