Package unit for cryogenic cooling

T Crio is a new package unit Tempco developed in partnership with Polaris and it’s used for cryogenic cooling of process fluids.
The system uses liquid nitrogen, vaporized as coolant; used nitrogen can be recovered in form of gas and then recycled for other uses in the customer network.

This unit can use different types of anti-freeze fluids (eg. methanol, toulene or diathermic fluids), depending on operating temperature range.

An heating/cooling option is also available on request.

Typical configuration:

  • circulation pump
  • expansion/storage tank
  • heat exchanger
  • temperature control system
  • safety instruments
  • PLC based control system
  • PC supervision

System operation is completely automatic and user friendly. The unit is equipped with a smart control system for settings and state logging.
For remote access in case of need, a telemetry system is included.


  • simplified utility management
  • high flexibility
  • low investement cost, well suitable for batch processes (eg. bulk pharmaceutical industry)
  • low maintenance costs
  • FDA compliant
  • high heat transfer performances
  • compact layout

T Crio system is based on process design and know-how by Polars Srl, a company specialized in cryogenic applications worldwide.