Fluid pumping package units

Tempco package units for utilities and process fluid pumping station

By recycling water, demi-water, water-glycol, oil or other fluid on the processor utilities units.

T FLOW TCPU P are made following SFC system (Standard Custom Flexibility). Starting from a standard project, it is possible to make a custom configuration, following the customer necessity:

  • 1 or 2 recycling pumps with automatic stand by PLC controlled
  • electrical board
  • PLC control system with PC supervision

The standard units are assembled on supported skid frame and provide with:

  • suction and delivery pipe rack
  • butterfly valve on suction
  • regulating valve on delivery
  • check valves
  • Y filter on suction
  • Transmitters and field instrument, pressure gauges, temperature indicators, probes

Execution not less than IP 55 and according to PED requirements, ATEX guidelines, where requested.


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