Tempco has a long experience in industrial process sector.

It studies and realized system and solutions for cooling, heating thermo regulation and thermo exchange in the varied industrial process.
We are able to supply our customers a range of products with high technology together with a consultation relevant to the study of problems of productive process, giving flexible solutions suggesting for the customer.

Guarantee of Origin certification of 100% Green Energy employed in our plant, granted by the Axpo Italia operator.

The trademark 100% Energy from Renewable Sources guarantees the whole amount of energy supplied have been produced by power plants using only renewable energy sources. Guarantees of Origin certifications are acknowledged proportionally to the amount of electrical energy from green renewable sources consumed yearly in Tempco, in compliance to the italian energy market regulations.

Following the same path of our core business, developing machinery and solution for smart energy consumption, heat recovery and energy efficiency in industrial heating and cooling systems, Tempco embraces sustainability good practices aimed to environment safety and protection, in all of our internal activities and operations, in our products and services for our customers.

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