The importance of Antifreeze

For all of the cooling systems equipped with free coolers, electric radiators, dissipators, air/water exchangers and so on, the presence in the right concentration of antifreeze within the circulating fluids is a crucial factor. The transfer arrays in air/water exchangers and in free cooling systems are indeed prone to the risk of freezing and breaking damages, because water which is forced to circulate inside the pipes undergoes high thermal exchange potentialities and significant pushed air loads, facing a very high freezing risk during the winter season. The ice forming inside the circuit of the fluid to be cooled can therefore pierce the tubes and tear the outer curves of the hydraulic circuit, and all the way in the the finned pack of the exchanger.

Repairs in this case can be really time-taking, laborious and very much expensive. It is therefore suitable and deserved to add inhibited mono ethylene glycol to the water in function of antifreeze, enriched with anti corrosion additives, which is the same product cars’ radiators are filled with.

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