Maintenance tips, installation and performances of chillers

Being machinery aimed to provide cold, wisdom suggests to install a refrigerating plant in a shaded place (and an evaporative tower as well), or at least in a not completely sunny place. As we’ve said already, indeed, the good performance of a chiller is strictly linked to the temperature variations of the external ambient air, therefore affecting the additional power consumption required in order to maintain the same project performances: being equal the power absorbed by the compressor, thermal capacity will indeed directly decrease with the increasing of the temperature.


Finally, a footnote for the start-up and functioning of chillers during the winter season. Chillers must always be maintained under voltage condition, because the chiller compressor is equipped with an electrical resistor aimed to heat the oil, in order to keep the oil fluid and able to ensure the proper lubrication of the moving parts of the engine, even in case of start-up in very cold weather conditions. In case of more complex plants, however this is not enough, requiring instead some Hot Start systems to maintain the lubricant fluids at their most suitable working temperature.

Installazione chiller