Heating-cooling and thermoregulation package units in industrial processes

By recycling water, demi-water, water-glycol, oil or other thermal transfer fluid on the process units.

TCPU HC are made following SFC system (Standard Custom Flexibility). Starting from a standard project, it is possible to make a custom configuration, following the customer necessity:

  • heating only
  • cooling only
  • heating/cooling
  • more heat/cold steps
  • steam heating
  • electrical heating
  • 1 or 2 recycling pumps with automatic stand by PLC controlled
  • electrical board
  • PLC control system with PC supervision

Main application areas
Heating & cooling of process equipment (reactors, dryers, filters, storage tanks, of pharma, fine-chemicals, chemicals industry).

The standard units are assembled on supported skid frame and provide with:

  • Plate heat exchangers with gasket or welded
  • Electric heater
  • Recycling pump
  • Piping, valves (control,on-off, safety, manual) and ancillaries. AISI 316 process side
  • Transmitters and field instruments
  • Main control board
  • PLC control system (if required)

Execution not less than IP 55 and according to PED requirements, ATEX guidelines, where requested.


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