Thermoregulation in paint production

Paint production plants, as well as all the most modern industrial production facilities, require a precise control of temperatures. This is crucial to ensure the constant and reliable quality of the final product, using thermoregulating systems to guarantee precision and reliability in heating cycles, cooling and maintaining the proper temperature levels during the overall production steps, preparing, processing and packaging of the products.

This is the case of a plant deployed for a customer of special paints dedicated to the food sector. The customer had available a diathermic oil boiler, as a source for hot fluid, while the whole thermoregulation and cooling cycle has been realized with a pre-mounted skid package set. A T REG TCPU HC thermoregulating unit, equipped with plate heat exchangers, achieves the different steps of heating, temperature retention and cooling. The thermal fluid is, as said, diathermic oil, circulated by two pumps, one of which in stand-by mode.

The cooling section is provided by a free cooler, supplying cold water during the winter season, implemented by a chiller for the warmer periods. The cooling cycle starts indeed from high temperatures (90° C), for which also during the warm season the free cooler offer an efficient heat dissipation. The chiller then comes in achieving the final cooling using cold water at 15° C.

The overall cycle is managed by a PLC thermoregulator, controlling:

  • Temperature levels
  • Rising and descending ramps
  • Retention cycles
  • Free cooling


Tempco termoregolazione vernici

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