Batch reaction units (crystallisation, extraction)

Batch reaction units (up to 1000 liters capacity)

Main application areas
Batch operation of pharma & chemical industry (also under vacuum or pressure).

The standard units are assembled on supported skid frame and provide with:

  • Agitated vessel with stirrer and external half-tube for heating and cooling.
    Design pressure: internal vacuum/6 barg – external vacuum 6 barg.
    Design temperature: -30/+200°C (internal-external).
  • AISI 316 L process side. AISI 304 other parts.
    Other materials on request.
  • Stirrer with 45° four flat blade impellers (two impellers for vessel over 1000 liters) and with two blades bottom impeller.
    Other kind of stirrer on request.
  • Heating cooling package unit
  • Pre-condensating and vacuum pacakge unit
  • Condensate vessel. AISI 316 L
  • Condensate pump AISI 316
  • Piping, valves (control,on-off, safety, manual) and ancillaries AISI 316 L process side
  • Transmitters and field instruments

Execution not less than IP 55 and according to PED requirements, ATEX guidelines, where requested.


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